New York Waist House

Status: Demolished

Created: September 24, 1919
Address: 934-36 BROADWAY, TACOMA

Eight technical drawing of architectural alterations for the New York Waist House, created by Sutton and Whitney on September 24, 1919. The address is a part of the Wheeler building, which was constructed in 1890. The space was originally occupied by the Sherman, Clay and Co. which opened in 1906. The New York Waist House was a tailoring and alterations shop managed by Ernest Simon. The structure was demolished in 1925.

Technical Drawings:
Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 3
Sheet 4
Sheet 5
Sheet 6
Sheet 6-2
Sheet 7
Sheet 8

New York Waist House
New York Waist House location
TPL Historic Building Files (BU-12524), 05-04-1927
Courtesy Tacoma Public Library Northwest Room