This work is a partial representation of the Tacoma Public Library Northwest Room's Lost Tacoma collection,

constituting 116 of the total 560 blueprints across 28 locations. Technical drawings include both proposed buildings which were never constructed and constructed buildings which are now demolished.

The Buffelen Apartments, original scan and reformatted image
Buffelen Apertments


Scans of the blueprints were not performed by the Tacoma Public Library and some cropping and levels of the image files are not ideal. Technical drawings have been reformatted and restored for legibility.


Most of the storage for the site is dedicated to the technical drawings, which can be expanded and explored in detail within the item pages. To expand any of the images in the Buildings and Architects sections, use the hyperlink in the caption below, which will bring you to the full archival record.

The Pacific Refrigerating Company, original scan and reformatted image
Pacific Refridgeration

Restoration, arrangement and description was performed by Andrew Weymouth on behalf of the Tacoma Public Library Northwest Room.

Visit this collection through Northwest ORCA here.

The Talmud Torah Synagogue, original scan and reformatted image
Talmud Torah Synagogue
Andrew Weymouth

Andrew Weymouth is an archivist, exhibit designer and writer working in Tacoma, WA. He is the recipient of the 2021 Visual Resources Association Foundation grant, the University of Oregon's Vollstedt program and the University of Washington's Storytelling Fellows. He has created digital exhibits for academic faculty concerning Indigenous higher education reform, historical network analysis and a Middle Eastern graphic novel database. Previous writing concerning displacement, settler colonialism and oral history have been published in the Society of American Archivists' Archival Outlook, Library Juice Press (forthcoming August 2022) and The Serials Librarian.