City Hall - Proposed

Status: Unbuilt

Created: February 1, 1937
Address: 1502-24 BROADWAY, TACOMA

Eight technical drawings for a proposed but unbuilt City Hall building, created by George L. Ekvall on February, 1937. Public Utilities Commissioner Ira S. Davisson requested the plans but they were rejected by the City Council three months later.

George L. Ekvall
George Ekvall
Courtesy Washington State Department of Architectural Licensing
Ira L. Davisson, seated, Utilities Commissioner and Acting Mayor during the illness of Mayor Siegle, helps the Young Men's Business Club boost Tacoma by purchasing poster stamps of Tacoma and nearby scenes.
Ira L. Davisson (seated)
Photo by Richards Studio (D8059-1), 1939-03-28
Courtesy Tacoma Public Library Northwest Room