Everett Phipps Babcock


Lost Tacoma Locations: Pacific Savings and Loan

Everett Phipps Babcock was born in Tacoma and worked primarily with Ambrose J. Russell as Russell & Babcock. In addition to the residences listed below, Babcock also built his own residence for his wife Clara on American Lake named "The Totem Pole." Babcock died suddenly after a routine tonsil removal operation in Pasadena, California.

Other Work:
Masonic Building, Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, Seattle, 1909
Perkins Building, Downtown, Tacoma, WA (1906-1907)
State of Washington, Governor's Mansion, Olympia, WA (1908)

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Pacific Savings and Loan
Pacific Savings and Loan
TPL Historic Building Files (BU-11000), 11-04-1928
Courtesy Tacoma Public Library Northwest Room