Apartment Building for John Buffelen

Status: Unbuilt

Created: April 30, 1931

John Buffelen was born in the Netherlands in 1862 and came first to Milwaukie and then to Tacoma while working in the lumber industry. Buffelen became a central figure in industrial lumber manufacturing in Tacoma's tide flats area, with his corporations the Buffelen Lumber & Manufacturing Co., the Buffelen-Hubert Furniture Co. and the American Wood Pipe Co. In addition to constructing several apartment buildings in the city. Buffelen attracted press later in life from funding multiple failed attempts to cross the Pacific by plane.
John Buffelen
John Buffelen
The Tacoma News Tribune - July 10, 1930 - Page 1. p. 1.

Series comprises four blueprints for a proposed apartment building for industrialist John Buffelen designed by Tacoma area architect George L. Ekvall. The stucco building is three stories with a basement, attic space and spanish tile roof. The building was located at the west corner of 5th and Yakima Street, which was located caddy corner from the Buffelen residence at 509 North Yakima St. currently occupied by the Vista Palms Apartments.

Technical Drawings:
Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 2E
Sheet 3

George L. Ekvall
George Ekvall
Courtesy Washington State Department of Architectural Licensing